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DENOTATION - Translation in English -

Something, such as a sign or symbol, that denotes. 3. Something signified or referred to; a particular meaning of a symbol. 4. The most specific or direct meaning of a word, in contrast to its figurative or associated meanings. Denotative meaning only names the object without indicating its positive or negative qualities. Words like table, book, account, and meeting are denotative by nature.

Denotative meaning of a word

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10. In what way does the connotative meaning of a word differ from its denotative. meaning? (1p).


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Determine the denotative meaning of words. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Denotative meaning of a word

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An example of denotative used as an adjective is in the sentence, "His tapping foot was denotative of his impatience," which means his foot tapping showed that he was impatient. Specific to the primary meaning of a term. Denotation definition, the explicit or direct meaning or set of meanings of a word or expression, as distinguished from the ideas or meanings associated with it or suggested by it; the association or set of associations that a word usually elicits for most speakers of a language, as distinguished from those elicited for any individual speaker because of personal experience.

Denotative meaning of a word

Denotative Meaning. The Denotative meaning of a word is the explicit, literal meaning that is stated in a dictionary and which is accepted at a given time by all the people who use the word. Denotation, however, is not always that straightforward.
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Denotative meaning of a word

WRIT 100 DENOTATION AND CONNOTATION Language Source: Prior WRIT 100 Course Text, pg. 84 “Tech Jargon: The denotative meaning of a word is simply the commonly accepted meaning or the definition that you would find if you were to look up that word in a dictionary. But the word “pig ” can have more than one meaning for some listeners, depending on the context in which the word is used and the past experiences of the listener. We refer to these other meanings as the connotative meaning .

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The denotative meaning of a word is its literal meaning or dictionary  the word denotes. /Mednikova E.M./. Denotation.

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1. The act of denoting; indication. 2. Something, such as a sign or symbol, that denotes. 3. Something signified or referred to; a particular meaning of a symbol.

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A connotative meaning is the literal meaning of a word, while a denotative meaning is the figurative meaning of a word. A connotative meaning is based on the emotions associated with a word, while a denotative meaning is based on a. specific dictionary meaning.